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Your trusted partner for a sustainable better living


  • To serve personalized customers’ needs based on customer-centric and data-driven culture

  • To always deliver quality goods and services and to offer innovative solutions beyond expectation

  • To build prosperity and continued sustainability to all stakeholders

"The success of the company refers to its great emphasis on human resources. Mobilizing human resources and building the executives' capacities in management and readiness for job rotations throughout the company is crucial"

Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (BJC)

Mr. Aswin Techajareonvikul
Chief Executive Officer and President


About BJC


Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (BJC)  was first created through a partnership between two Swiss merchants, Mr. Albert Jucker and Mr. Henry Sigg, in the year of 1882. This was the first of many strong partnerships that led to one of the Kingdom of Siam's earliest and most successful trading companies.

Originally, BJC engaged in rice milling, mining, timber, shipping, importing, and other activities that laid a foundation instrumental for Thailand’s progress towards an “industrial” stage. By carefully selecting and nurturing its local and international partners, BJC continuously prospered over the years to become a major Thai import and export firm. After World War II, BJC diversified its operations into manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

In the year 2001, Thai Charoen Corporation (TCC), under the leadership of Mr. Charoen and Khunying Wanna Sirivadhanabhakdi, became the majority shareholder of the Company, leading to increased expansion in both domestic and foreign markets within many industries.

In the year 2010, BJC partnered with Owens-Illinois Inc., or O-I, and acquired Malaya Glass, a manufacturer of glass packaging with a manufacturing bases in Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. This acquisition made BJC the largest glass manufacturer in South East Asia.

Today BJC has evolved from a supply chain and distribution powerhouse into a leading integrated retail platform in ASEAN with strong manufacturing and distribution capability.

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